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How to render road markings in 3ds Max - (Evermotion Alıntı Konu)

An epiosode from "Getting started with RailClone" tutorial series.

In this tutorial, we’re going to use RailClone in conjunction with V-Ray distance texture to create several different types of road markings. Including a solid single line, a dashed single line, a double solid line, a double dashed line, a dashed and solid line, and its opposite, a solid and dashed line. We’ll also create a style that can fill areas with a lined outline. It goes without saying that this style is fully parametric, and once created it can be used again and again. Unlike decals, it can also efficiently create markings of any shape The majority of this tutorial can be done with the free Lite version of RailClone, and if you just want to use the finishes style and aren’t interested in learning how it was created, you can simply download it from our website and just follow the section explaining how to set up the materials.

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